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Sunday, May 27, 2012

I'm back babe

Assalamualaikum semua
Selamat sejahtera
Good Evening
Salam Satu Malaysia
and have a nice day :)

I'm back readers , blog-walking , followers , strangers , stalkers and my lovely friends .
I'm really sorry because I leave you guys like that without update something and tell you guys anything what happen to me for past 3 weeks .

I'm really really busy with my examination .
Seriously don't have anytime to update .

Now , holidays have come .
I'm officially free and have time for update new story about

Teacher's Day
Mother's Day
My examination's Day

and many more .

I hope you guys still wanna read my update .
And really sorry because my English so broken .

Oh My English !

For who are leave your comments in my Chat Box
Thanks a lot for your support , good comments and spirits to me to not stop it update .
I'm really appreciate it ! I don't have time to reply your comments and visit back your blog
I promise to you guys that I will visit back your blog and share my info with you guys .

Thanks again for your support and comments .

You guys make me more stronger !
I Love You guys !

I will update and wanna make new design for my blog .
So , leave your comments for my new design when I finish design it .
Thanks again .

Love , Fatin :*

Maaf jikalau ada typo. Saya hanya manusia biasa.